This week we chat to Ryan Dalton, who by day runs a dog daycare in North London and by night is a stand up comedian.

Ryan started performing stand up comedy whilst travelling around Australia, and has since performed all across the UK, alongside the likes of Sara Pascoe, Joel Dommet and Paul Foot. Often described as quick-witted and cheeky, Ryan creates an engaging chat with his audience,thoroughly involving them throughout his shows. And not messing around when it comes to his everyday life, Ryan balances his stand up alongside his doggy daycare company, CaNineteen where he explains that each dog has such character, and are a great bunch.

With his exciting career choices, we couldn’t wait to talk to him on the influence that London has on his comedy, and of course his favourite place to eat and drink.

My Community.. Ryan Dalton

What inspired you to get into comedy?

Too much drink & an opportunity to go up on an open mic night & give it a go. However, I’ve always had a love for watching stand up comedy. I admired people like Lee Evans, Jack Dee, Victoria Wood, Dave Allen & Robin Williams. To see them making all those people laugh made me feel so happy, even if I didn’t understand the joke. I understood that something they said, created joy. I wanted to do that.

Does where you live have an influence on your work/career?

100%. Obviously I have built a customer base in N.London for CaNineteen which is why I have stayed around this area. With stand up, London seems to be like a central hub. Easy transport links to most places in the UK (for someone who doesn’t drive), & if needed, I could get a gig any night of the week, which is a luxury. However saying that, more cities are becoming similar to London in that aspect.

My Community.. Ryan Dalton

Where is your favourite place to eat, drink and visit in London?

That’s a tough one. For drink, I love Quinns in Kentish Town. It’s got a lot of character and has barely changed since the 70’s. There’s also a pub dog that lives there called Rebecca, what more could you want? For food, Mildred’s in Camden Town. Their menu changes seasonally & is always on point. To visit, I really like Columbia Road Market. The atmosphere round there is incredible and I urge everyone visiting or living in London, to go one Sunday.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Going freelance. It was such a jump into the unknown. I had always had a secure job, I knew what money was coming in. To go full time in Comedy was scary but it’s been great. I also did my first full month at the Edinburgh Fringe festival with another comedian, Esther Manito. We had both been up there before but never done the ‘full run’. We had an early time but we managed to get good crowds every day & also come back with money!

My Community... Ryan Dalton

What are you working on at the moment?

Oh man, LOADS! I am working on my 2019 show for Edinburgh, which will be about animals & the importance of saving them. I also have my podcast, Into The Wild (@intothewildpodcast), with my co host Simon Watt. We are recording new episodes & even have a live episode coming up. Then there is gigs, shows that I am running, walking those dogs…..the list goes on!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Dublin. Not very adventurous I know, but I love the city. I love the people. It also has what I need to work. If I was to think a bit more out there, I’d love to live in Melbourne or Sydney.

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